Women need a place to hustle. Somewhere that they can work, collaborate, and succeed. An environment that not only is supportive but has good vibes.

Planned is ready to be your go to

spot. Whether you need to meet 

with like minded women over a cup

of coffee or if you need a space to 

work quietly we got you. Planned's 

workspaces will have collaborative 

work areas, a cafe, as well as quiet 

work spaces so you can do what

you need to do.

Membership includes:

  • Access to workspaces.

  • Subsidized childcare.

  • Mentorship program.

With Planned you can get support and career guidance from negotiating pay to choosing a  new career path. Our mentor program will partner with our workspace, where mentors and mentees can meet face to face.


The digital side of Planned’s platform keeps you connected. 


Shattering glass ceilings is hard work and can be intimidating. Sometimes you need someone to guide you through the 

process  We’ve built a mentorship platform where you can connect with other boss women who’ve been there. 

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